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Cover Letter


I'm a web designer with a passion for usability, minimalist design principals, and responsive interface. I also have a particular interest in corporate image, branding, and the influence attritbuted to a compelling user experience. I've been working in web design professionally since 2003 (age 17), and have amassed considerable experience with client relations, project management strategy, a plethora of creative software applications, as well as various programming, scripting, structural, and display languages. I've helped bring ideas to fruition as as a designer, creative director, and most often as general project manager for my clients—including advertising agencies and business owners.

Aside from the tradesmanship, I bring an inspiring sense of peer leadership. This influence is undoubtedly driven by strong written and verbal communication skills, and an inherent ability to evaluate and manipulate assets to achieve a goal—including human assets. I bring a type of vision and energy to team projects that promotes organized and intelligent process, focus, and enthusiasm.

My primary focus at the beginning of 2012 is to finish up current projects, and hone my skills with javascript, vector illustration, and HTML5. The first half of this year, I will be patching up loose ends in my portfolio, building my own website (this), and I will not be taking new private web projects until June 2012. Check out the Phuchure section to read more about my scheduled progression.

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It's an incredibly exciting time for the web and its laborers. All facets of the web are progressing at a staggering pace, and this makes for some very STRESSFUL times for those of us who aim to stay aligned with both the design and programattic side of things. With that said, I wanted to include a run-down of the some of the theories, ideas, technologies, frameworks, and applications that I'm aggressively pursuing these days.



I'm an all-around computer person. Some of my "nerdiest" attributes would include building high-performance PCs from bare parts since the age of 12, or traveling around the country as a pre-teen playing a certain computer game for huge cash prizes. With respect to web-design, I'm a very "quick learn", and this has allowed me to accumulate experience with all types of software, from deep 3D modeling and animation applications like Maya®, to traditional web and print software like Dreamweaver, Flash, and Quark, and finally to web-based platforms like Silverpop Engage, or content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and Wordpress. One of my most-distinguishable talents is in finding a way to leverage a limited set of tools within reach to complete a task. This list covers the tools I'm most effective with, along with an estimation of time in which I've been using them.

Technical proficiency:

Web Languages:

  • Expert with HTML (4, XHTML); 10 years; Experience with HTML5; 3 year
  • Expert with CSS (1,2); 10 years; Skilled with CSS 3; 3 year
  • Skilled with jQuery; experience with pure Javascript, 3 year
  • Experience with AJAX (XML & JSON); 3 year
  • Experience with Actionscript (2); 7 years
  • Experience with PHP; 5 years

Operating Systems:

  • Highly skilled with Microsoft Windows® XP-7; 16 years
  • Highly skilled with Apple OSX Tiger-> Lion; 10 years
  • Skilled with Apple iOS 3-5; 7 years
  • Experience with Debian Linux/Ubuntu 11; 2 year

(Relevant) Creative Software:

  • Expert with Adobe Photoshop 7-CS6; 10 years
  • Skilled with Macromedia/Adobe Flash 8-CS5; 8 years
  • Expert with Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver 8-CS5.5; 10 years
  • (Limited) experience with Adobe Illustrator CS5; 2 year
  • Experience with Panic Coda 1.7; 32 year
  • Experience with Quark 6; 3 years
  • Currently training in Adobe InDesign

Other (relevant) software:

  • Expert with web browsers and their idiosyncratic page rendering behaviors; 9 years
    • IE6-11
    • Firefox 3-current
    • Chrome 1-current
    • Safari 2-current
  • Expert with local and web-based e-mail clients and their idiosyncratic handling of HTML E-mail designs; 6 years
    • Microsoft; Internet Explorer-based:
      • Outlook 2000
      • Outlook 2003
    • Microsoft; Word-based:
      • Outlook 2007
      • Outlook 2010
      • Outlook 2011
      • Outlook 2013
    • Microsoft; Webkit-based:
      • Outlook 2011 (Mac)
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
    • Lotus Notes (5-8)
    • Web-based e-mail clients
      • AOL mail
      • Yahoo mail
      • Google GMail
      • Microsoft Hotmail
      • Comcast Webmail
  • Skilled with Drupal; 4 years
  • Experience with Wordpress; 3 years
  • Experience with XAMPP and MAMP; 4 years
  • Experience with the linux shell (bash); 3 years
  • Experience with the Google web-based collaborative suite (Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc); 8 years
  • Experience with GIT; 3 years
  • Experience with TypeKit, and Google Web Fonts; 3 years
  • Experience with Silverpop Engage; 3 years


Adam Taylor

Contact me for mailing address.

Status: Currently operating AT Design, LLC. as a web-design and development contractor from Denver CO.

Work Experience:

Myhub, LLC. 2013 - 2014

  • Designed myhub® logo
  • Designed, developed front-end "marketing" website
  • Designed entire front-end of myhub iOS application UI through end of 2013
  • Designed front end of functional mobile-web app for android devices through end of 2013
  • Art directed design of HTML promotional and e-newsletter templates
  • Designed small and large promotional print pieces, from small cards to 8' banners

Channing Bete Company, Inc. 2008 - Present

  • Designed, maintained 5 seperate static website portals
  • Designed e-mail campaign templates for mass mailings
  • Designed dynamic e-commerce templates for delivery to vendor
  • Developed interactive electronic samples for print products
  • Developed disk-based and web-based interactive multi-media titles
  • Streamlined existing labor-intensive processes for multiple departments
  • Maintained a test-bench and accompanying testing SOPs for web work
  • Trained web staff on emerging trends and techniques in web design

Springfield College 2007 - 2008

  • Assisted the web-master in maintaining
  • Managed photo-shoots and developed Flash-based website components

AT Design 2004 - Present

  • Worked with small businesses to create an authentic presence on the web
  • Managed website and e-commerce development from concept to completion


Springfield College 2004 - 2008

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science, Computer Graphics
  • Minor(s): Art; Business Management
  • GPA: 3.6 (Cum Laude)
  • Other awards: Presidents Award (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Other notables: Varsity Lacrosse (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)