I'm Adam Taylor

I design and build Websites, Facebook Apps, iOS Apps, E-mail campaigns—and more! This particular site was thrown together in February 2012 as a quick experiment with responsive web design. Try re-sizing the pages on this site to see it deform through the "break points". Read on to learn more about me and the kind of work I'm doing these days!

You have arrived at the right website, if you are looking for:

a well-rounded designer, developer, and web standards expert with strong web language fundamentals, and experience with popular structural, scripting, display, and programming languages
a usability evangelist with professional training from industry leaders such as the Nielsen Norman Group
a creative problem solver with experience in hundreds of software applications on all platforms
a highly effective communicator and natural team leader who knows how to bring-out and utilize the strengths of his teammates
a start-to-finish project manager with a broad network of contracting resources, and years of experience managing not only the project but the client as well!

Work-load: BUSY (1 OPENING)

jQuery icon self-training javascript, jquery, and json (try codecademy!)
Ruby on Rails icon self-training Ruby on Rails
iOS icon      iOS Application and Web Application Design for myhub
Facebook icon forced upgrade of many facebook apps (due to Timeline)

Estimated date of next opening: December 2013 for new projects

…but of course you may still contact me to arrange a call or quick consultation!